Yogita Sadani
Yogita Ji Sadani

I am Yogita Sadani from Pune ( Hiwarkhed). I have done post graduation in Statistics from Government Vidarbh Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati. I have total 14 years experience of teaching statistics, 6 years as lecturer (HOD). Thereafter running my own classes of Statistics for B.Sc., BBA, MBA, IIIE etc. Also Support to do analysis & to prepare thesis for PHD.

If I want to say about writing art, I used to write a little bit from my college time. Then there was some time in the middle as if I had forgotten that I also know how to write. But they say no where there is a will! The talent inside you has to come out at some time or the other. If you get your support and inspiration on that too, then it will be sweet to sleep! And yes, keeping the word of your mind in your language is also your own pleasure.
Thank you!

Who is Savitri and Satywan?

Vat Savitri Vrat

There are many Teej-festivals, traditions in Hindu culture which keep us connected with nature and nature. Animals, birds, trees and plants have been given the status of God. Such as Nagpanchami (worship of snakes), Pola (worship of oxen), Vasubaras or Bach Baras (worship of cow-calf), Teej Gudi Padwa (significance of neem and mango leaves), Dussehra (leaves of Shami tree), Vat Purnima Worship of Vad or Banyan tree). Every married woman observes Vat Savitri fast for the longevity of her husband.

Ashadh Ekadashi Parv

'Wari' of Pandharpur

On the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi (Dev Shayani Ekadashi), this Mahayatra takes place in Pandharpur, situated on the banks of river Chandrabhaga in Maharashtra. People come from all corners of Maharashtra and also from outside in this journey. There is no restriction of any caste or religion, every person who has devotion in his mind can become a part of this journey. To meet Lord Vitthalnath of Pandharpur, people go out on foot from their homes, they are called 'Vari' and those people are called 'Warkari'.

importance of gudi padwa

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa, Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada is a festival celebrated on this date and on this day, a sun bath is taken up before sunrise. Then a rangoli is made by cleaning the house. Flowers and mango leaves are festooned at the front door and the Victory Flag is tied. Gudhi is prepared by cleaning the tall bambu with water and worshiping it. A silk cloth or sari is worn at the top of the Gudhi. A cast of Kadunim, mango leaves, flower necklaces and a sugar knot garland are placed in it. The copper urn on it is made upside down by swastika.



The Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of every month is Shivaratri, but it is believed that Shivaratri coming to Krishna Chaturdashi of Phalgun is the biggest and hence it is called Maha Shivaratri. According to Hindu Puranas, Shivalinga originated on this date in the original physical form of Lord Shiva. For this reason, Shiva linga is specially worshiped on Mahashivratri - Abhishek etc.

Happy Women Day

Every Day Women Day

Indian culture is a mythological culture. We have heard many stories about many strong women in this long-standing culture. She was not only skilled in culinary arts but also in academics and war skills. For example, Draupadi, Rukmini Kekayi and many more…

33-koti Devi Devta

33 Koti Devi Devta

There are 33 categories of deities described in Hinduism. But 33 koti does not mean 33 crores but 33 goddesses of higher order (type). Dev means possessed with divine qualities, of which 12 are Aditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu and 2 Ashwini Kumar.
12 Aditya - 12 Aditya shows us about 12 parts of our social life and 12 months of the year.

Importance of 16 Sanskar

16 Rites (Sanskar) of Hindu Culture

In Hindu culture, 16 rites have been enumerated in the Vedas to increase the age, health, happiness and prosperity of man. These rites are performed to purify the body, mind and mind. The sixteen rites respectively are summarized below.
1) Conception of Rites - For the attainment of good progeny, the parents do this ritual for the purity of their body and mind before conception.

Diwali Festival

Diwali - Rama Sama

The festival of 'Diwali' is the festival of joy. Everyone eagerly waits for it. Whether you want to get new clothes or some jewelry, bring something at home or do renovation, you get the same answer, we will do it in Diwali. 'Deepawali' is a joyous festival of innumerable dios, full of enthusiasm and energy.

Hindi Day

Hindi Diwas

Today is Hindi Language Day, Hindi language is our nation language
We are proud of our language, our culture and our nation.
Hindi is our pride, Hindustan is from Hindi, we are from Hindi..

Teacher Day

Teacher Day

This day is celebrated on different days in many countries in the world. But in India, the birthday of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated on September 5 as Teacher's Day.


Mahalakshmi - festival of Maharashtra

Another great celebration for Maharashtrian women on Ganpati day is 'Mahalakshmi' ! It is said that Mahalakshmi destroyed the Asuras to protect the well-being of women. That is why she is also called Gauri of 'Suhagin Ke Saubhagya' (Savashanyanchaya Saubhagyaachi) . The two sisters 'Jestha and Kannishta' come to their maiden with children, this is the concept behind it.


Collection of poems -

राखी (२ भाइयो के प्यार का प्रतिक)
जिंदगी का फलसफा
राम मंदिर निर्माण

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