Mahalakshmi - festival of Maharashtra

Mahalaxmi Fetival

'Ganesh Chaturthi' is celebrated with great pomp all over India. But in Maharashtra, people like Ganpati reside in Ganpati, like Aan-Baan-Shan and Jaan. Ganesh Utsav is celebrated in every house, street, small socialites, colonies and in every other society. Some one and a half days, somewhere for five days, they come as guests for ten days and leave everyone immersed in their devotion and wait for the next year.

Mahalaxmi festival

Another great celebration for Maharashtrian women on Ganpati day is 'Mahalakshmi' ! It is said that Mahalakshmi destroyed the Asuras to protect the well-being of women. That is why she is also called Gauri of 'Suhagin Ke Saubhagya' (Savashanyanchaya Saubhagyache) . Two sisters 'Jyeshta and Kanishtha' come to their maiden with children, this is the concept behind it.

Preparations begin for Mahalakshmi about a month before. Cleanliness, ferals, fresh new dishes, decorations, rangoli and more. All such elders, relatives, friends and friends are busy in work and help, as they are ready to get married at home.

He comes with great respect on the day of Anuradha Nakshatra, the pure side of Bhadrapada month. They are taken from the Tulsi of the house to the God, the suhagan who has Gaurai in his hand is worshiped by washing his feet, from the door to the Lord's house, the turmeric is made from Kumkum to the feet of Lakshmi. They are welcome. While bringing in, 'Lakshmi Aali Sonyachaya Pavalani, - - -Dhanadhanyachaya Rashi, - - -Rogya Sampada' means that Lakshmi brings happiness and prosperity. They are made to perform Aarti in front of the Lord and are offered vegetable bread, then decorated like suhagan, they are placed on the place of worship.

On the second day, Ashtami is worshiped in the morning Jyeshta Nakshatra by worshiping her with a feral. The grain of the cereals is decorated in front of Gaurai. Due to this, happiness and prosperity in the house increases. At some places in the afternoon or in the evening, a great aarti is offered to the Panchpakwan. In this, all the dishes like Puranpoli, sixteen kinds of vegetables, chutneys, amil, pickle-papad, panchamrit, various kinds of baja are decorated with banana leaves. Those who are acquainted are called for Prasadi. All the women of the house are ready for the evening and all the lovely women in the vicinity are invited to turmeric-kunka. This day Mahalaxmi's face would be so stunning. It is necessary that the whole house be illuminated and there is a special feeling of ecstasy and joy.

The daughter who has come to visit her mother-in-law is as prepared as she is when she leaves for her in-laws' house, and the condition of mother-daughter is similar to that created on the third day at home. On the day of Mool Nakshatra Navami, five-seven women are invited and the preparations for Mahalakshmi's departure begin in due course. Gaurai's OT is filled by performing Puja Aarti. Shevali Kheer is offered as an offering to everyone. Finally, the Mahalakshmis are immersed (shook from the place) according to the Mahurta.

According to their lineage tradition in different places, all the devotees of Gaurai with their full sentiments and feelings, perform Pujas with a vow. But one thing that is likely to be noticed is that their arrival and the date of immersion never comes one day to listen or see less. On the first day comes with great respect, on the second day, a lot of love is passed by the coddling of the third day. Bless everyone from all over and go away with their own values. And leaves the housemates waiting for the next year to immerse themselves in full love.

Such pleasing, are going to rule the hearts of all * Mahalakshmi * festival of Maharashtra!

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