Aditya Shukla

Dr. Aditya Ji Shukla

Ph.D. in Chemistry, M.B.A. in Operation Management, and M.A. in Hindi Literature. He is working as a Senior Scientist in a reputed company based in Bangalore. There is a Triveni Sangam of literature, scripture and science in his personality. He is the managing trustee of the Purushartha Foundation, an organization that does special work in the field of literature, society and science. Also actively associated with many prestigious institutions.

Aditya Vikram Maliwal

Aditya Vikram Ji Maliwal

Name: - Aditya Vikram Maliwal
Moolnivas: - Chittorgarh
Current Residence: - Vadodara
Education: - B.Tech Engineer

Business: - Writing and Consulting
(Content writing & Consultation)
Compositions: Poetry, story, utterances, theme articles etc.

Anjali Ji Ojha

Anjali Ji Ojha

The family and social environment found since childhood has a special effect on a person's interest. Anjali's life and writings have a special effect on the golden years spent in Dada ji's companionship. Anjali Ojha, who has received post-graduate education, maintains a special balance in the discharge of family responsibilities and compilation and writing in Hindi reading and writing.

Asha Ji Sharma

Asha Ji Sharma

Education - B.Sc., History, B.Ed.
Retrd.govt. senior science teacher form Shambhupura higher sec school, dist. Chittorgarh
Interests - Writing poems and articles, Music and Yoga
In my spare time I teach capillaries and harmoniums to poor children, make paintings and Yogasan Ishwar Pooja keeps my life in it.

Govardhan Das Ji Binnani 'Raja Babu'

Govardhan Das Ji Binnani

Senior personality Bikaner resident senior society member Govardhanwas. He is currently recognized as such a writer, whose writing has always honored him. Even here, the specialty of his writing is that he has been continuously guiding not only the common man but even the banks with his writing in the field of investment.

Jayshree Birmi

Jayshree Birmi

Retired high school teacher
I probably find happiness in every work, be it cooking, or any other creative tendency, gardening gives rise to the feelings of motherhood once again, and writing works to satisfy the soul.

Dr. Kishor Kumar

Dr. Kishor Kumar Ji Sharma

S/O - Shri Ramsevak Sharma Ji
Qualification- B.A. (Government Postgraduate College, Dholpur)
M.A.(Hindi Literature) -((University of Rajasthan, Jaipur)
Ph.D.(Hindi Literature) - (Maharaja Surajmal Brij University, Bharatpur)
NET- JRF - Hindi Literature ( UGC - NTA)

Pawan Chauhan

Pawan Ji Chauhan

Travel Memoir in Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, Kerala's B.Com and Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur's BA course, Children's story in Himachal and Maharashtra school curriculum, Poetry in LEAD curriculum and Travel memoir in CBSE affiliated private school curriculum Involved.

Poonam Rathi

Poonam Ji Rathi

I am Poonam Rathi the operator of Vividha Cooking Classes. I have been taking cooking and Rangoli classes in Nagpur since last 20 years. I have had many episodes on all my Marathi TV channels. Like Zee TV Marathi, Sam Marathi, ETV Marathi, UCN Vidarbha There have also been many cookery shows on YouTube. If you type Chef Poonam Rathi then my shows will be visible.

Pramila Mundra

Pramila Ji Mundra

She is a Nutritionist, with a Masters Degree in Food Science and Nutrition. The key aspect of her approach is to handle health issues mostly by correcting the food choices and lifestyle.

रजनी सुनील थानवी

Rajni Ji Thanvi

I am Rajni Sunil Thanvi from Bikaner Rajasthan. After completing my graduation from the Faculty of Science, I did B. Ed and am doing teaching work for last 7 years. Being from the Pushkarna Brahmin family of Jodhpur-Jaisalmer origin, there was an inclination towards religious traditions from the beginning. Apart from this, I am interested in painting, dance and writing and from time to time my poetry works have been published in magazines.

Pt. Rishiraj Tiwari

Pt. Rishiraj Ji Tiwari

Pt. Rishiraj Ji Tiwari is renowned Mumbai based Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant. He has a vast client base for 30 years from various industries like Corporate Executives, Businessmen, Politics, TV, Bollywood, commoner and more. ...

Ruchi Goswami

Ruchi Ji Goswami

I am Ruchi Goswami Choti Kashi from Bikaner Rajasthan. With twelve years of teaching experience, currently working as HOD Admission Department in a reputed school in Bikaner. Educational Qualification I have done MA, B.Ed. Sociology, MSW besides Post Graduate Diploma in Computer field. I have been a student of English Literature at the graduation level.

CA Rukman Ladha

Rukman Ji Ladha

Traveling from the courtyard of Pihar to the palaces of the in-laws ........ My Autobiography.
This passing journey is a puzzle filled with pages of memories. Memorable mind flew and reached the stage of childhood. "The fort is Chittorgarh, the rest is all the Gadhaiya" ...

Sangeeta Ji Darak

Sangeeta Ji Darak

A skilled housewife, carrying out responsibilities with positive thinking. Efforts to take your progress on social and cultural stage at the same time as well as to make your contribution. His specialty in gardening, hobby of reading, writing and literature are his specialties. He believes that writing is a powerful medium to communicate to every section.

Sangeeta Ji Gupta

Sangeeta Ji Gupta

Sangeeta Gupta, I have been a student of Hindi literature, I have been teaching Hindi to the students of the International Board for the past many years, I am very interested in writing Hindi.

Shashi Ji Swami

Shashi Ji Swami

I, Smt Shashi Prabha Swami, was worked as Chief Archaeological Chemist in the department of Archaeology and Museums Rajasthan Jaipur as conservator and superintendent Jaipur Observatory, only working and well preserved observatory in the world. I have done M.Sc in organic chemistry from the famous girls institution Banasthali, Rajasthan.

Sonal pawar

Sonal Ji Pawar

I am Sonal Pawar! I live in Amravati city of Maharashtra. I was born in the city of Akola located in Maharashtra. I have done M.A.English Literature! I am a housewife and live in a joint family. Family responsibilities, relationships, everyone's happiness, taking good care of everyone... I like this very much! This is a very important part of my life! Anyway, keeping all these family relationships, relationships, gives a lot of happiness to your mind!

Tapasya Chaubey

Tapasya Ji Chaubey

Name Tapasya Choubey. Born in Champaran district of Bihar. Champaran is where Mahatma Gandhi started the Satyagraha movement. Take the village and the village in the heart, now Indianopolis of America ...

Trapti Ji Trivedi

Trapti Ji Trivedi

Introducing me ... I am a native born in a village in India. My literature journey is not very big nor was there much interest in writing. Just the Corona period gave me the opportunity to write on spirituality. I used to write in my fb id. Daily News Poems and articles were published many times in letters ...

Vanya Ojha

Vanya Ji Ojha

Vanya is a renowned Astrologer with an experience of 7 years in the field of Astrology. She is an expert in Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, Prashna Astrology, Western Astrology and Vastu...
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Vijay Kumar Papanai

Vijay Kumar Ji Papanai

Freelance Journalist,
Special Correspondent Gurjar Jagran Patrika Faridabad,
Publication of many articles in various newspapers, magazines, national newspapers,
Over 15 years of experience in writing,
Yoga Acharya Bachelor in Yoga,
Masters in Commerce

Veena Ji Karamchandani

Veena Ji Karamchandani

Writing of poetry, story, short story, satire etc. in Sindhi and Hindi. Publication of compositions in many national and state level journals of both languages.
Participation in many poet seminars. Broadcasting of poetry, story and talk from All India Radio, Jaipur and Doordarshan.
Employment news reading on Doordarshan Jaipur for about 15 years.
Presently- Former Assistant Director, Information and Public Relations Department Government of Rajasthan

Yogita Sadani

Yogita Ji Sadani

I am Yogita Sadani from Pune (Hiwarkhed). I have done post graduation in Statistics from Government Vidarbh Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati. I have total 14 years experience of teaching statistics, 6 years as lecturer (HOD)...

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