What is the Success?

What is the success?

What is the success?

In simple term success is achieving our goal. It can also mean completing our aim, our objectives on pre-decided parameters which can be set either by our self or can be given. Success can be achieved both in the professional and personal life.
As per my opinion Success is the status of having achieved, reached and accomplished our aim or objectives.
I think you will all agree with me when I say – “we spend our entire life to finding success in life, but we never figure it out”.

how to define success
What is the success in your life and how to define it?

Why I am asking this question because I can’t prescribe the exact definition of success on individual basis. Every person is different, he thinks in different manner and his goal is also different.
So now day’s success meaning is totally different from older years. In 1990s decade success in life was a prestigious image in social, staying in joint family, big house, big farms and n no. of cattle’s etc. Social work and family was played important role in life rather than individual / personal life. They worked for entire family and society.
Now success meaning is change, we can define it on individual basis. Now in 2020s century we might define success as having good career, luxurious car, lavish life style, being wealthy, earned degrees, full of joy and happiness with their family etc.
So what we can conclude meaning of success is depend on person to person.
Every individual has his own goals. Some may like a good job in reputed company, some may to do meaningful work, some may want to become financial independence and some may want to roam around the world.

As per my opinion if we want to become successful in life than we need to follow 4 keys factor –
  • First Decide your goal means exactly what you want to achieve and where you want to go.
  • Set a deadline and make a plan to get there.
  • Take action on it; do something to move toward on your goal.
  • Keep it up that you will never ever give up until you succeed.

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