Why is Satudi Teej worshiped with a sprig of neem?

Badi Teej Satudi Teej Kajri Teej

Festivals are of great importance in Hinduism. In that month, the month of Sawan is also considered to be a month of fun, love and enthusiasm. In this month, the beautiful festival of women comes after the third day of Saturi Teej Rakshabandhan. In fact, this season comes three times to celebrate Teej fast. Hariyali Teej, Saturi Teej and Hartalika Teej, which people of every province celebrate this festival with great pomp in their own way. Satudi Teej is also known as Kajali Teej, Badi Teej and Badhi Teej .

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Bhadrapada i.e. the Krishna Paksha of Bhado month is celebrated with great festivity. The festival of Badi Teej is celebrated in many parts of India, but in Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, this festival is celebrated with great pomp.

We all have a question in our mind, what do you believe?

Suhagin women perform puja by fasting on this day for unbroken good luck and long life of husband and unmarried girls fast and worship for their favorite life partner. For this, the festival of Teej is celebrated. Many women also keep this fast nirjala.

Now you must be thinking that why is Neem's Dali (twig) worshiped on Teej day?

As we all know that worshiping trees in the morning is considered auspicious and it is also written in the scriptures that after 12 o'clock or in the evening trees are not worshiped because then Ghosts live on trees. Teej is worshiped in the evening. For this, bring 1 branch / twig from the Neem tree in the morning. Then, at home or at the temple or any clean place, make a round circle with neem tree with water, raw milk and soil where all the women can worship.

It also has a legend . A moneylender had seven sons. On the day of Saturi Teej, her elder daughter-in-law was worshiping Neem tree when her husband died. Likewise, one by one 6 sons of the moneylender passed away. Then the seventh son gets married, so the moneylender and his wife are very scared. On the day of Teej, the new daughter-in-law says that she will break her branch instead of Neem tree and worship it. The dead sons return only during his worship, but they are not visible to anyone. And only the new daughter-in-law can see them. She immediately calls her sisters and asks them to come together and worship together. The daughters-in-law say how she can worship, her husband is not alive. Then the new daughter-in-law convinces them, then they Everyone comes together and worships and their husbands appear. Since then Neem's twig began to be worshiped on this day so that the husband's longevity remains.

There is also an interesting story related to Kajri Teej, due to which today's day is also considered as Kajri Teej.

According to mythological beliefs, Kajali was the name of a dense forest located in central India ruled by King Dadurai. People living there used to sing songs in the name of their place Kajali so that their place name could become popular. After some time King Dadurai died on Teej, then his wife Rani Nagmati became Sati. In this grief, the people of the place called Kajali started singing in Raga Kajari to honor Rani Nagmati and songs of Kajali were sung for the husband-wife's Janam-Janam. For this, the people there consider Kajri Teej. On this day, the house swings and the women gather together and dance and sing songs.

Badi Teej is also very important on this day, on this day, the wearer wears a wavy saree and applies hard work, the unmarried girl also applies mehndi but for her the small Teej is also important and the one who gets engaged is small for them. On the Teej, saris of sari, makeup and jewelry come from the in-laws. Sattu of barley, gram, rice and wheat has special importance on the Badi Teej. The fast is opened after worshiping, listening to the story and then worshiping the moon.

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