Aadi Perukku | Monsoon festival in Tamil Nadu

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The country of India has always been a symbol of festivals, here the worship of deities remains paramount, along with rivers are also considered as the form of mother, which is revered in Hindu civilization. Aadi Perakku is one of the main festivals of South India which is celebrated to show gratitude to the river Kaveri, Varun Dev and Maa Parvati.

Aadi Perukku festival, a symbol of prosperity and fertility, is celebrated as a monsoon festival in Tamil Nadu. This festival is celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month. On this festival celebrated by women, in the form of water rituals, nature is respected. On this day, Goddess Parvati is worshiped by taking water from the overflowing rivers and different rice dishes like coconut rice, sweet Pongal, curd rice, bahla rice, lemon rice and tamarind rice etc. are offered.

On the day of this festival, early in the morning, women go to the banks of a pond, river or reservoir etc., carrying yellow thread, rice, jaggery, coconut, banana, lamp, turmeric, kumkum and flowers etc. They take a dip in the water before starting the puja. After this they do 'Abhishekam' in which they make heaps of soil in the form of Mother Earth. Along with this, rice flour on banana leaves is mixed with jaggery in water to form small pit-shaped. The lamp is lit by adding ghee to it. Along with diyas, flowers, turmeric and yellow thread are placed in a banana leaf and offered in the river. The Aadi Perukku festival is celebrated with great pomp in Erode, Thanjavur and Salem, located on the banks of the river Kaveri, apart from Tirucharapalli.

This festival is an example of the blessings of Mother Nature along with prosperity and happiness. Aadi Perakku festival is celebrated especially by farmers and other people who depend on rivers and monsoon rains for their business or livelihood. These people worship Varuna and Kaveri Devi, the god of rain, at temples and religious places on this festival, to get a good harvest and protect them from indefinite rains.

Significance of Aadi Perukku
Aadi Perukku Puja

Significance of Aadi Perukku -

Aadi Perukku is also known as "Para PAadinatum Perukku". The first day of this festival is celebrated as "Aadi Pandigai or Aadi Pirappu", this day is considered best for new works. On this day all the women decorate the doors of their houses with mango leaves. A dish called 'payasam' prepared from coconut milk and vadai is prepared and with this the god is worshipped. Perakku is a month in which water-force and natural forces are prayed for prosperity and happiness. It is said that by offering sweets made of rice and jaggery in the month of Aadi Perukku festival, unmarried girls get good grooms, on this day a special dish 'Kalandha Saddam' is prepared with rice. After completing the puja, the devotees have their meals along with their families on the banks of the river and spend the whole day on the banks of the river.

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