Anjali Ji Ojha
Anjali Ji Ojha

The family and social environment found since childhood has a special effect on a person's interest. Anjali's life and writings have a special effect on the golden years spent in Dada ji's companionship. Anjali Ojha, who has received post-graduate education, maintains a special balance in the discharge of family responsibilities and compilation and writing in Hindi reading and writing.। There was always a comfortable availability of literary atmosphere and books, newspapers and magazines in the family, especially Ruskin Bond Shivani Mridula Garg Malti Joshi Premchand and many writers got the privilege of reading, news magazines like Dharmyug Hindustan were available regularly.

Due to the high official authority of father and husband, transfers have been taking place in various small and big cities of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, so different social cultures got a chance to observe closely. Anjali's writing is exclusively based on the experience gained by herself.

Maa Mahamaya Ambika Devi

Maa Mahamaya Temple Ambikapur | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

This Mahamaya temple built in the Nagara style was built by Maharaja Raghunath Sharan Singh Dev from 189 to 1914. This temple, set on a high platform, has stairs all around it and the mother sits in a square room in the middle. A black idol of mother Vindhyavasini is also installed. There is a pavilion with four pillars and a sacrificial fire in front of it.

Maa Diddneshwari Devi

Maa Diddneshwari Devi | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

The reconstruction of the temple has been going on since 2000 AD. Mallapattan Salt was a vast and splendid city here in the past, which probably symbolizes another name of Diddeshwari mother, Mallika. Here Payal is heard in the night by a dull sound. Which is confirmed by the local worshipers, seekers of Raghaugarh, seekers of Kamakhya. The young tantric of Munger has also experienced this directly. It is said that whichever woman binds a thread of vow to achieve her wish, that wish is definitely fulfilled.

Adishakti Chandi Mata Temple Ghunchapali

Adishakti Chandi Mata Temple Ghunchapali | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

This temple comes under the category of wonderful and special temples of Chhattisgarh. In the beginning of Kali Yuga, when the Pandavas had gone into secret exile, then one night they also rested here. At the same time, this idol appeared, and Chandi Mata appeared to the Pandavas. After the departure of the Pandavas, the tribal kings ruled here. Then Mata came in a dream to the tribal king and said, I am sitting here. In that period, lions also used to come here. After the end of the rule of the kings, there was a camp for the tribals, then snakes used to come to this temple here. Later bears started coming, which still come.

Maa Vindhyavasini Temple Dhamtari

Maa Vindhyavasini Temple (Bilai Mata Temple) Dhamtari | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

The lit flame of faith began in the temple of Vindhyavasini Devi on Navratri 500 years ago, beginning with 4 Jyotis and later the number increased. Ghee light is lit in the temple of Vindhyavasini Devi. Earlier 108 goats were sacrificed here after the end of Navratri. Which was later discontinued in 1938 after public opposition, and the mother was offered a pumpkin. Maa Vindhyavasini fulfills every wish of true devotees. Childless couples have children. The glory of Vindhyavasini Maa is incomparable.

Raj Rajeshwari maa temple

Maa Raj Rajeshwari (Mahamaya) Temple Raipur | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

The temple has been constructed by special tantric method, here the Goddess sits in three forms Mahamaya Devi sits in the form of Kali, in front is the octa-metal idol of Samaleswari Devi, who is the Kuldevi of the royal family of Odisha, Sri Yantra is made in the dome. Which signifies the presence of Mahalakshmi, Samaleswari Devi is established later as Purvas Mukhi in the form of Saraswati which is rare.

Danteshwari Mata Temple

Danteshwari Mata Temple | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

The temple of Danteshwari Maa is the only place where the 10-day Aakhri Navaratri is celebrated in the month of Phagun which involves thousands of tribals. The black self-manifested idol of the mother is Shanbhuji Mata with a conch Kharag trident in the right hand and a reduced verse in the left hand and hair of the demon. The step sign of the Goddess is also present in the temple.

Khallari Mata Temple Chhattisgarh

Khallari Mata Temple | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

In the Mahabharata period, Shakuni built the Lakshgriha for the end of the Pandavas, so that the Pandavas could be consumed in it, after getting the information, Vidur asked the Pandavas to build a tunnel. The Katananusara Pandavas of Vidur constructed the tunnel. When the Lakshagriha turned right, the Pandavas got safely out of the same tunnel on the other side, and wandering wandering reached Khallavatika.

Maa Chandrhansini Mandir

Maa Chandrahasini Temple | State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh

The temple of Maa Chandrahasini, the premier Shaktipeeth of Chhattisgarh state, full of natural greenery and natural beauty, this ancient temple surrounded by special trees of Chhattisgarh on the banks of the Sheesham Mahanadi Mand river and the mountains, compels devotees to come again and again. The face of the moon-shaped Mata shines in silver, the sight of this temple at the height is rarely seen.

Anjali Ji Ojha

State of Prospects - Chhattisgarh | Maryada Purushottam Shri Rama's Nanihaal (Maternal Place)

Maryada Purushottam Shri Rama's Nanihaal (Maternal Place) Chhattisgarh, lush green with natural beauty, mineral rich state Chhattisgarh has many colors in itself. It is a daunting task to cover the tradition and culture of this place in a few pages. Chhattisgarh also has its own ancient religious history, which directly impacts the simple inhabitants here, there are many centers of faith, it would be appropriate to start with them.

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