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Maa Danteshwari, Chhattisgarh

In addition to being Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram's nanihal , there is a 92 thousand acre forest of Dandakaranya in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, in which Shri Ram spent 14 years of exile. Therefore, Chhattisgarh has many beautiful natural religious and mythological places, where one wishes to visit again and again. Which can be described in the following link. One of them is the temple of Shakti Peetha Maa Danteshwari of Chhattisgarh.

Danteshwari Maa is the most revered goddess of Chhattisgarh Bastar, where the teeth of the mother fell when Mahadev was walking in the universe with the body of Sati at the time of Daksha Yajna. For this reason, the place was named Dantewada and the devi's name was Danteshwari. This Treta Yuga temple located in Dantewada district headquarter full of natural beauty is the most important spiritual center for the people of Danteshwari Mai temple area, with a fine specimen of rich sculpture and architecture and lively festival traditions built in the 14th century in the South Indian style, and Ashta The temple complex is also a major center of tantra cultivation due to the abode of the Bhairav ​​brothers.

Situated on the confluence of the Dankini Shankhini River, this temple was renovated 700 years ago by the kings of the Pandava Arjuna clan. Then in 1932-1933, the then Bastar Queen Prafulla Devi did it. Raj is the Kuldevi of the family as well as the adorable goddess of the local residents.

In Navratri, public community lighting is lit by the community, Havan is performed on Ashtami and then the famous Dussehra festival of Bastar is celebrated which is the reason for the special attraction of the tourists.

It is forbidden to go to the temple wearing a stitched garment. Access is only given by wearing dhoti and sari. It is strictly prohibited to carry leather goods.

Maa Danteshwari Temple
Maa Danteshwari Temple

The temple of Danteshwari Maa is the only place where the 10-day Aakhri Navratri is celebrated in the month of Phagun which involves thousands of tribals. There is a special celebration of tourist attraction.

The black self-manifested idol of the mother is Shanbhuji Mata with a conch Kharag trident in the right hand and a reduced verse in the left hand and hair of the demon. The step sign of the Goddess is also present in the temple. Near the temple is the temple of devi's younger sister Bhuvaneshwari devi. Worship and aarti are also performed simultaneously.

             A magnificent temple is installed on 137 sculpted pillars in the forest of Naxalite affected area. Which was built by King Annam Dev in the 14th century.

According to a legend, Warangal Maharaj Annam Dev was wandering in the jungle after being defeated by the Mughals, when Kuldevi appeared and told him to start the Vijay Yatra on horseback on Magha Purnima, I will follow you as far as it will be your kingdom but do not look back.

On the Rajim Triveni, when the sound of the devi's ghungroo stopped due to the sand of the river, Maharaj looked back and the devi stopped there and gave Rajan a robe and said that the place where the land was covered with cloth would be yours. Later, after giving a dream, Mata said that I am established in Dantewada on the banks of Shankini Dankini river, the womb of the self-manifested mother's temple built by Vishwakarma.

According to another legend, when seen behind the king, it appeared as a ring.

According to another legend, when King Annam Dev was deported from Warangal state, when he was crossing the Godavari river, he found the idol of Mata Danteshwari in the river. But go ahead, I am with you, after the victory campaign, a new dynasty was established by killing Harish Chandra Dev.
Upon entering this temple situated in the forest one feels immense peace and the mind becomes happy. Maa fulfills the wishes of the devotees. 

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