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Ratanpur, Chhattisgarh

Maryada Purushottam Shri Rama's Nanihaal (Maternal Place) Chhattisgarh, lush green with natural beauty, mineral rich state Chhattisgarh has many colors in itself. It is a daunting task to cover the tradition and culture of this place in a few pages. Chhattisgarh also has its own ancient religious history, which directly impacts the simple inhabitants here, there are many centers of faith, it would be appropriate to start with them.

                  Mahamaya Temple Ratanpur is a city of all four ages. It is also mentioned in ancient scriptures. There are many temples here. One of the 51 Shaktipeeth Mahamaya Temple is here.

Mahamaya Temple
Mahamaya Temple

At the time of Daksha Yajna, when Lord Shiva was distressed and distributing in the universe, the right wing of the mother fell here. Lord Shiva himself gave it the name of Kumari Shaktipeeth, Jowars are sown by devotees here in Navratri and the Jyoti Kalash is lit. Where is it that every wish sought here is fulfilled, virgin girls get the desired groom.

The legend about this temple is prevalent that once Maharaja Ratan Dev stayed on a tree in Manipur village for a night's rest after the first hunt, when the sleep opened in the middle of the night, he saw that the court of Mahamaya Devi seemed to have divine light. Being illuminated, he lost consciousness, did not open his capital Tumma in the morning and in the night the mother dreamed to build a temple there and ordered to build her capital at that place, The temple of Mata was built in 1055 AD in the temple built in TK Nagar script on 14 pillars of Mahalakshmi and Sri Vigraha Saraswati Devi situated at the back.

In front of the present temple complex is Chandika Talab. Where is it that in the east here, the idol of Dakshin Mukhi Mahakalika, who had gone to Kolkata due to some mistake from Maharaja Bahar Sai, went to Kolkata, Devi said to the king in a dream that I am going from your kingdom to my temple in the temple. You will get the idol of Goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi from the Chandva Kunda Chandika Kund, to establish it in the womb planet will be the welfare of your state. Since then, the nature of the temple is the same, many devotees come from abroad to the nation to visit the Mata. There is such a belief that there is a special result of Mata's Darshan in Navratri.

Access Route - Raipur Airport
Distance from Raipur 1४1 km
Bilaspur Junction - Distance 25 km by train
Taxis are available from both places

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