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Mahamrityunjaya Mantra | MahamrityunjayaMantra Jap

We worship Lord Shankar, who has three eyes, who infuses life force in every breath, who is sustaining the whole world with his power, we pray to him that he may free us from the bondage of seasons. Liberate us so that salvation can be attained, just as a cucumber after ripening in a vine becomes free from the bondage of that vine-like world, in the same way we also become free from the bondage of birth and death after ripening in this vine-like vine. May he be free forever and while drinking the nectar stream of your feet, leaving his body, may he merge in you.

33-koti Dev

33 Koti Devi Devta

There are 33 categories of deities described in Hinduism. But 33 koti does not mean 33 crores but 33 goddesses of higher order (type). Dev means possessed with divine qualities, of which 12 are Aditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu and 2 Ashwini Kumar.
12 Aditya - 12 Aditya shows us about 12 parts of our social life and 12 months of the year.

16 Sanskar

16 Rites (Sanskar) of Hindu Culture

In Hindu culture, the 16 Vedas are enumerated in the Vedas to increase the age, health, happiness and prosperity of man. These rites are performed to purify the body, mind and mind. The sixteen rites respectively are summarized below.

1) Conception of Rites - For the attainment of good progeny, the parents do this ritual for the purity of their body and mind before conception.

Tulsi Vivah

Who was Tulsi ji? How did Tulsi form as a plant? Why are they considered holy? Why is Tulsi not offered in Ganesh Puja?

Tulsi is the name of 1 Gopi in Gau Lok (Lord Shri Krishna's Lok), who used to worship Lord Krishna with true heart. Tulsi is very important in Hinduism. All auspicious works like puja, yagna, havan, wedding, home entrance and mundan are considered incomplete without Tulsi. Apart from this, there are some beliefs about Tulsi, such as Tulsi is never offered to Lord Ganesha.

सप्ताह के सात वार का महत्व

Which god to worship on which day of the week? Importance of seven days of the week

According to the Hindu religion, 33 crore gods and goddesses are worshiped. These Gods and Goddesses have assigned the task of fulfilling different desires of human beings. But worshiping special deities on seven days of the week fulfills worldly desires. Well, Lord Archana can be done at any time, but the seven days of the week have their own special place. This seven day is dedicated to some or the other deity, who plays an important role in making our life auspicious.

Shree ka Arth

Happy life ... how will it be auspicious ???

Everything will be good from Shri… Yes sir, it will be from Shri… Shri (Lakshmi (Female) + Narayan (Male)) In this way, you will get to hear a lot of reading on Shri in the Vedas and in the texts ... But what is important for us worldly is that #Sri means #Auspicious

Siya ke Ram

Hail my Lord Ram

1. Who is Ravana (Kama, anger, greed, fascination, jealousy, deceit, deceit, injustice, theft and lies).
2. Who is Vibhishana - Dharmāvān bhava.
3. Who is Lord Ram 👉 sat in his inner truth, innocent, humble attitude
Now understand that the ten heads of Ravana were a symbol of his deities.

Navratri power boost festival

Navratri, a power boost festival

When there is a powerful enemy in front of war, one should act wisely, #Vaishnodevi Maa also did penance in cave for 9 months before killing #Bhairavnath. Matarani first warned (in #Mamtamayi form) that going back, but not believing, taking the form of #Mahakaali and killing #Hathi Bhairavnath..🙏🌸

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