Bhartiya Parampara

June Month E-Magazine

June Month E-Magazine

Edition 12, June 2022

Yog Hai Swasth Jivan Ki Kunji
Swasth Na Ho To Kerlo Khatam Sari Punji
Aayo Kre Pratikgya Ki Yog Ko Apnayenge
Aayurveda Se Rogmukt Jivan Bitayenge

May Month E-Magazine

May Month E-Magazine

Edition 11, May 2022

May heat and fun in the holidays,
Sweet feeling of going home.
The season of weddings, the season of relationships,
Sweet like kulfi and sherbet.

April Month E-Magazine

April Month E-Magazine

Edition 10, April 2022

The month of Chaitra has come, get the blessings of Mother Ambe. Come let's start celebration of the new year together, Take care of food and celebrate the gift of happiness, Thank you for the devotion of Lord Rama and the devotee like Hanuman ji.

March Month Magazine

March Month E-Magazine

Edition 9, March 2022
The festival of Shivratri came with a splash of Holi colors, The month of Phagun - the spring of colorful flowers, Let's worship Sheetla Mata together and, Respect for the sacrifice and dedication of women's life.

February Month Magazine

February Month E-Magazine

Edition 8, February 2022
The season of spring has brought, the world of happiness has come, The earth has turned yellow and the sound and tone has risen, Let's celebrate this festival of birth of Maa Saraswati.

January Month Magazine

January Month E-Magazine

Edition 7, January 2022
The joy of the new year is immense, the arrival of the upcoming festivals, May the sweetness in life be like sesame-jaggery, attain heights like a kite, Let's celebrate Republic Day together, hand in hand for the same Unite, drive away this epidemic and make life easier for everyone.

November Month Magazine

December Month E-Magazine

Edition 6, December 2021
Fragrant plants are nature's gift
Trees must be planted at least once
retain the fragrance of flowers
So that nature gets its basis.

November Month Magazine

November Month E-Magazine

Edition 5, November 2021

On the arrival of the festival of lights, the light of the lamp, the sparkle of light, the sweetness of the dishes and the love of loved ones. Our world is made of all of them, share your thoughts and ideas

October Month Magazine

October Month E-Magazine

Edition 4, October 2021

This issue of the month of Ashwin and Karthik is decorated from the court of maa, May the blessings of Maa Ambe, Maa Lakshmi, Maa Karva and Maa Ahoi be blessed. May every wish of the mind be fulfilled and the light spread in life is the light

Monthly Magazine

September Month E-Magazine

Edition 3, September 2021

This issue of Indian tradition is full of festivals of Bhado month, immersion with the arrival of Ganpati Bappa and Shradh Paksha. Do share your thoughts and suggestions.

Monthly Magazine

August Month E-Magazine

Edition 2, August 2021

This issue of Indian tradition is full of festivals of the month of Shravan, hope it is useful for you. Do share your thoughts and suggestions.

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