Guna Milaan for Wedding

Guna Milaan

Guna Milaan literally means matching the nature and temperament of two people. This method is not limited to match making. Gun Milaan can also be done to check the compatibility of business partners, family members or your friends. In the language of a layman it is simply a compatibility test which can be performed with anyone in mind. Gun Milaan is exceptionally useful if done by an educated Astrologer.

Vedic Jyotish

💠The practice of Indian Vedic astrology💠

Vedic astrology was practiced in Indian Vedic astrology only during the time of Barahamihira. In which various aspects of astrology have expanded. Through which the description of the fruit statements of the constellations of the zodiac is also given. Indian astrology is also called Hindu astrology or Vedic astrology in other words.

Shani Dev in Jyotish Shastra

Role and Importance of Saturn in Astrology

Shani Dev is one of the 9 children of the Sun God, he was born to the second wife of the Sun, Chhaya. According to Shiv, Saturn is a protector for people of religious interest even today, while giving strict punishments to people of irreligious tendency to Guru in astrology. Knowledge is the main factor of spirituality, devotion, Ketu is considered to be the factor of salvation, Sun is considered to be the factor of soul, but Saturn has an important role in motivating from God.

Vedic Jyotish

💠Introduction of Indian Vedic astrology💠

Astrological calculations have been used in India since the Vedic period. Although the Vedic sages made it more useful and pithy, the order of time calculation was determined by the motions of the sun and the moon. Determination of auspicious time for the completion of Vedic sacrifices and the date festival of social life ...

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